May 3, 2010

AP: Calling deadly Tennessee superstorm an “unprecedented rain event” did “not capture the magnitude”

Camden, SC
Brownsville, TN
Nashville, TN
Bowling Green, KY
Joe Romm

More than 13 inches of rain fell in Nashville over two days, nearly doubling the previous record of 6.68 inches that fell after Hurricane Frederic in 1979. “That is an astonishing amount of rain in a 24- or 36-hour period,” [Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen] said Sunday...The record rains were accompanied by a surge of very warm air that set record high temperature marks at 21 major airports across the Eastern U.S. on Saturday; 19 more records were set on Sunday. This is not surprising, since more moisture can evaporate into warmer air, making record-setting rainfall events more likely when record high temperatures are present.