Oct 16, 2017

Post-Tropical Cyclone Ophelia Blasting Ireland, United Kingdom With Damaging Winds; Gusts Over 70 MPH Reported

Fastnet, Crosshavenhill, Crosshaven, Co. Cork
The Weather Channel

Ophelia is hammering portions of Ireland and the western United Kingdom with damaging winds on Monday after transitioning from a hurricane into a powerful post-tropical cyclone over the weekend.


Wind gusts have topped 70 mph in several locations, including one gust to 109 mph on Fastnet Island off the southern coast of Ireland.

Here's a look at some of the top wind gust reports so far:

  • Fastnet Island, Ireland: 109 mph
  • Roches Point, Ireland: 97 mph
  • Cork, Ireland: 77 mph
  • St. Mary's Island, United Kingdom: 70 mph
  • Waterford, Ireland: 61 mph
  • Shannon, Ireland: 61 mph