Jun 11, 2015

Siberia registers its warmest recorded spring sparking new fears for rapid climate change

Republic of Khakassia
The Siberian Times

Some parts of Siberia were warmer than usual by 6C, with a host of anecdotal examples of normal meteorological rules being turned on their head. For a few days in late April, for example, the city of Irkutsk boasted higher temperatures than Madrid. 

The ice on vast Lake Baikal was too thin or non-existent even in February and March, forcing the cancellation of a number of events. 

In the past, it was safe to drive cars across the frozen lake, the deepest in the world.

Wild fires were engulf large tracts of Siberia and the Russian Far East as early as March. 

By 25 March, a state of emergency was imposed against fires in the Transbaikal region.

Worse came in the Republic of Khakassia, and across both regions more than 30 people were killed, along with 3,200 domesticated animals