Oct 10, 2019

Tumultuous weather pattern triggers historic snowstorm in Plains, Nor’easter and western windstorm

Boise, ID
Matthew Cappucci
Washington Post

It’s fall, but that hasn’t stopped wild weather from every season from materializing across the Lower 48 this week.

A pair of storm systems — one wet and one white — will drop copious precipitation in the Northeast and High Plains, respectively, with high winds whipping up fire concerns in the West.

Along the battle fronts of the opposing air masses, dramatic temperature swings and powerful storms herald the clashing seasons.

The extreme weather can be traced to a highly energetic October jet stream, the river of roaring high-altitude winds that separates cold and warm air. The jet stream is taking a huge dive over the western United States, accentuating the temperature contrasts in the middle of the nation and powering the High Plains storm.

Flanking this powerful jet stream to the east is the nor’easter set to soak eastern Massachusetts and, to the west, a zone of sinking air surging down the slopes of the mountains and hills in California and creating a high fire danger.