Aug 11, 2016

Your Weather Forecast This Weekend Is for ‘Oppressive’ Heat and Humidity

New York, NY
Jen Kirby
New York Magazine Daily Intelligencer
Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images
Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Tropical air is visiting the New York area this week, bringing you the heat and humidity of the Caribbean, but without the white beaches or fruity frozen drinks. The weather in and around the city will be “oppressive and uncomfortable” from now until early next week.

A heat advisory is in effect for the New York City area through Saturday night. The fun begins on this muggy Thursday, with temperatures stretching toward 90. From there, temperatures will keep rising, and once the humidity is factored in, the “real feel” temperature will be somewhere between 95 and 105 degrees for the rest of the week. Saturday will be particularly uncomfortable. The mercury could hit 95 degrees, but that tropical dew point could make it feel as hot as 110 degrees in the city