Time Series: Central Chile surface temperature anomalies (1979–2006)

Falvey and Garreaud, Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Time series of surface atmospheric temperature anomalies (ΔT) in central Chile (27.5°–37.5°S). Anomalies are calculated with respect to the period 1979–2006. Stations are divided into five geographic zones, which are (from bottom to top): (e) ocean, (d) coast, (c) central valley, (b) western Andes, and (a) eastern Andes. Data from a station at Valparaiso are included in the central plot, although due to the large amount of missing data trends they are not calculated for Valparaiso elsewhere. The dashed lines show the linear fit to the data in each group for the period 1979–2006, calculated from the annual mean ΔT from all stations in each group. The associated trends, along with the 90% confidence interval, are also provided. Gray shading identifies years prior to 1979.