Fingerprints Everywhere - Canada 2019

In 2018, Climate Signals conducted a detection and attribution literature review of climate change studies since the 1990s, available here. It showed that human-caused climate change has had a significant and direct influence on many observed trends and events in the United States.

This report adapts and extends that approach to Canada, which has seen a number of extreme events in recent years that bear the fingerprints of climate change. The studies presented here show that climate change has had a direct impact on seven extreme events in Canada, including floods, wildfires, heat waves, and droughts during the five years from 2013 through 2018. Like its predecessor, this report is a response to the need to make attribution science more accessible.

The report identifies the specific influence of human-caused global warming on observable impacts and closes the gap between greenhouse gas emissions and their consequences for humans.

Climate Signals updates a database of detection and attribution studies as new research is published at:

In the last five years, attribution studies were conducted on seven major extreme weather events in Canada, all of which show clear fingerprints of climate change. Canada is warming at two-to-three times the rate of the rest of the world, and “the effects of widespread warming are already evident in many parts of Canada and are projected to intensify in the near future.”

Extreme weather events are increasing the exposure and vulnerability of Canadians to the country’s changing climate, and though detection and attribution research is still emerging, this line of research can help inform and guide policymakers responsible for designing and implementing long-term adaptation and mitigation strategies for Canada.



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Recommended Citation for Report: Solomons C. and Andreatta R. (2019). Fingerprints Canada: Review and Analysis of Detection and Attribution Studies Identifying the Fingerprints of Climate Change in Canada. Climate Signals/Climate Nexus. New York.

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