Jun 28, 2015

113 in Walla Walla? Historical E. Washington heat wave shatters records

Walla Walla, WA
Scott Sistek
Heat wave. Image: KimaTV
Heat wave. Image: KimaTV

An incredibly hot air mass destroyed high temperature records across Eastern Washington, not only reaching unheard of levels in June, but approaching some all-time heat records as we sit still four weeks short of the statistical peak of summer heat. The heat champion was Walla Walla, which roasted at 113 degrees Sunday -- breaking their daily record by, oh, 11 degrees...But that's not all, they broke their all-time June temperature by four degrees -- oh wait, that record was set 24 hours earlier at 109. Before this weekend, the June record was 107 set in 1992. So in principal, this heat wave broke an all time monthly high temperature record by six degrees.