Nov 10, 2015

40 and 1 Nights: Miami Deals With Record Heat

Miami, FL
Key West, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
John Morales
NBC Miami
Image: FLClimateCenter
Image: FLClimateCenter

The southern third of the in the midst of an improbably warm stretch, with Miami having set record warm minimum temperatures in 5 of the past 6 nights; Key West in 9 of the last 10; and Fort Lauderdale for an amazing 9 straight nights! Continuous temperature records in the city date back to 1912, while for Miami they reach as far back as 1896, and for Key West all the way to 1872. As you might imagine, this streak has led to the warmest start to November on record. But this applies not just to southern Florida. A week into the month, every single Florida city had November 2015 ranked as the warmest on record