Publication Date July 10, 2018

Up to 70 people dead after Quebec heat wave

Image: AFP/Getty Images

An estimated 70 people died as the result of sweltering temperatures that hit Canada's Quebec province last week, according to health officials.

The Ministry of Health said that 34 of the deaths occurred in the city of Montreal.

Temperatures have since dropped with Environment Canada forecasting a high of 81 degrees (27 C) and low of 55 (13 C) for Tuesday.


CBC said Montreal's morgue had become overcrowded and that it had been sending bodies to a funeral home for storage during the heatwave.


High temperatures and humidity began hitting Quebec last Sunday with temperatures in the mid-90s for Montreal -- about 20 degrees higher than normal for this time of year.


High demand for electricity overloaded circuits and power was cut to thousands. Nearly 2,000 people were still experiencing outages in the city Monday afternoon.