Publication Date July 7, 2019 | The Weather Channel

Anchorage, Alaska, Smashes All-Time Record on Fourth of July With Its First-Ever 90-Degree High

United States

Anchorage, Alaska, set a new all-time record high on July 4 as a heat wave intensified over southern Alaska and continued through the weekend.

A high of 90 degrees was recorded at Anchorage International Airport for the first time ever last Thursday, crushing the previous all-time record of 85 degrees set over 50 years ago, on June 14, 1969.

Merrill Field, east of downtown Anchorage, also reached 90 degrees for the first time in records dating to 1943. According to Anchorage resident and climatologist Dr. Brian Brettschneider, all of the city's weather reporting stationstied or set their all-time record highs on July 4.

It was hotter in Anchorage on July 4 than both Key West, Florida, and Little Rock, Arkansas.