Nov 15, 2012

Climate change did not cause Superstorm Sandy, but probably intensified its effects

New York, NY
Seaside Heights, NJ
Breezy Point, Queens, NY
Atlantic City, NJ
Long Beach Island, New Jersey
Fairfield, CT
Jason Samenow
Washington Post
Recent cover of Bloomberg Businessweek Photo: Bloomberg
Recent cover of Bloomberg Businessweek Photo: Bloomberg

Climate change does not cause storms and did not cause Superstorm Sandy...While climate change did not cause Sandy, it may have been a performance enhancer like a steroid, injecting it with somewhat more energy and power...Sea level rise from manmade climate change increased the water level along the Northeast coast 6 to 8 inches and, as a result, somewhat worsened the coastal flooding from Sandy...There is speculation that decreased Arctic sea ice from manmade climate change altered atmospheric steering currents, strengthening the weather system in the North Atlantic that helped to push Sandy ashore in the Northeast.