Nov 1, 2010

Climate Change Linked To Southeast U.S. Floods/Heatwaves

Davidson, NC
Williamson St, Madison, WI
Dickson City, PA
Hickman, KY
Benton Harbor, MI
Perry, IA
Dan Satterfield
American Geophysical Union
Flooding, Nashville Tennessee. Photo: Eric Hamiter
Flooding, Nashville Tennessee. Photo: Eric Hamiter

People often ask if a flood, a snowstorm, or a hot summer was caused by climate change. The correct answer is to say that no one weather event can be blamed on climate change, but certain weather events become more likely to occur...A new paper being published in the Journal of Climate contends that the increasing extreme summer weather over the Southeast U.S. is due to semi permanent high pressure cell over the Atlantic. The official name of this system is the NASH. That stands for North Atlantic Subtropical High...Here is a quote directly from the paper: “Our attribution analysis suggests that global warming seems to be contributing to the changes of the NASH.”