Last updated December 21, 2019

D.C. just broke a 117-year old high temperature record by 6 degrees

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The record high temperature for Feb. 8 has been broken. The high temperature came in the 12 o’clock hour — 74 degrees (!!!) — thanks to lots of sunshine and a strong wind from the west. The record at National, originally set in 1900, is 68 degrees. It was tied in 2015, but hasn’t been surpassed until today.

This is classic down-slope warming. As air descends, it warms up. First law of thermodynamics. When the wind comes from the west, the D.C. metro tends to be warmer because air is flowing down off the mountains. All three airports set new records for the date.

Feb. 8 records

Washington, D.C.:  68 degrees (1900) — 74 degrees (2017)

BWI:  70 degrees (1965) — 72 degrees (2017)

Dulles Airport:  70 degrees (1965) — 71 degrees (2017)