Jan 5, 2016

December 2015 breaks records

United Kingdom
UK Met
Flooding in Cardiff (Image:Geograph)
Flooding in Cardiff (Image:Geograph)

The latest provisional statistics from the Met Office confirm December has broken records both for rainfall and temperature The month was not only the wettest December on record, but also the wettest calendar month overall since records* began in 1910, while 2015 is the sixth wettest year on record (dating back to 1910). The UK mean temperature for 2015 is 9.2 °C, notably warm but not exceptional. The warmest year on record was set in 2014 at 9.9 °C. The UK mean temperature for December is record breaking at 7.9 °C, which is 4.1 °C above the long-term average. The previous record was 6.9 °C in 1934.