Publication Date October 14, 2021 | CNN

The drought in California this summer was the worst on record

Lake Oroville, CA
Dry Lakebed
The dry, cracked bed of Lake Oroville in California is seen on October 11. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Climate Signals summary: The multi-year megadrought in California has continued into this year. The summer of 2021 had the worst summertime drought conditions in the history of the state, and the water year which ran from Oct. 1, 2020 to Sep. 30 2021 was the driest since 1924. These extremely dry conditions helped fuel an active wildfire season.

Article excerpt: 

The West's historic, multi-year drought is threatening water supply, food production and electricity generation. It has drained reservoirs at incredible rates and fueled one of the most extreme wildfire seasons the region has ever experienced.

In California, drought conditions this summer were the most extreme in the entire 126-year record -- a clear sign of the role climate change plays in the perilous decline of the state's water resources. Data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows that drought months are becoming the new normal, with rainy months becoming fewer and farther between.

The prolonged drought California is experiencing began in 2012. Since then, wet months have been rare, with just two notable wet periods: Winter 2016-2017 and Spring 2019.

Before this year, 2014 held the record for the most extreme drought conditions, with June and July that year facing similar circumstances as today.

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