Publication Date November 18, 2019

Enclosed by extremes: Record heat and cold touch every corner of the U.S.

United States

From subzero cold in northern Maine to 90s in Southern California, enormous temperature contrasts spanned United States over the weekend.

In every corner of the nation, new records were established, showing off its enormous diversity of extreme weather:

Anchorage experienced record warmth and set a snowfall record on the same day.

Los Angeles set a record high of 93 degrees.

Key West, Fla., finished its longest stretch in recorded history with high temperatures at or above 80 degrees.

Caribou, Maine, dropped below zero the earliest it has in recorded history.

All but Caribou showed off record-setting high temperatures, consistent with expectations in a warming world, while the Caribou record shows pockets of extreme cold can and do linger.