Publication Date September 30, 2017

Flash floods from torrential rain considered 'extreme weather event'

United States

More than three inches of rain fell in the Lynn area over less than two hours, flooding streets and stranding cars.


Lynn Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy said any residents who need food assistance can visit the police station and speak with a representative from the Red Cross. At one point, Kennedy said about 800 residents were without power in the area of Boston Street by Old Neighborhood Foods.


Significant flooding had water up to the tires of some parked cars in East Boston. The National Weather Service said the Orient Heights neighborhood near the McCllelan Highway had 4.54 inches of rainfall.

Nicole Kieser, a spokesperson for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, said Saturday's amount of rain is considered an extreme weather event.

"Historically, low-lying areas are more susceptible to flooding when a large amount of precipitation falls in a short period of time," Kieser said. "Boston Water and Sewer Commission has crews all over the city, and specifically in East Boston, in response to today’s unusual weather.