Publication Date April 19, 2017

Flooding in Texas Sends Gators on the Move

United States
Heavy rains in Houston flushed this big gator out into the street in Fort Bend County. Photo: Major Chad Norvell, Fort Bend County Sheriff

Article excerpt

A sheriff’s deputy in Fort Bend County, on the southwest side of Houston, spotted a massive gator just sitting in the road in the rain in the county’s Old Orchard community. 

“Since we have nothing else to do right now, this big girl thought she would go for a walk!” Major Chad Norvell posted on Twitter, along with a photo of the massive gator. 

Heavy weather in the region may have forced the gator out into the open.

According to senior meteorologist Jonathan Erdman, a stalled band of rain in the area is dropping 2 to 3 inches per hour in  Brazoria and Galveston Counties. Doppler radar estimates up to 11 inches has fallen, in spots.