Publication Date November 19, 2021 | Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Forecaster: Sarasota to see faster sea level rise, more very hot days in coming decades

Sarasota, FL
Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL (Photo Credit: City of Sarasota, FL)
Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL (Photo Credit: City of Sarasota, FL)

Climate Signals summary: Sea level rise and heat waves are expected to become more common in places like Sarasota, Florida due to human-caused climate change.

Article excerpt: 

Sarasota residents will have to prepare for more frequent sweltering days in the coming decades.

Currently, about 10 days a year reach 95 degrees or higher in Sarasota, according to Bob Bunting, the CEO of the Sarasota-based Climate Adaptation Center.

Bunting forecasts that in 2050, Sarasota will see 60 such days a year, on average. 

A warming climate not only means that Sarasota will see more days with very high temperatures – it also means that the area will experience an accelerating rate of sea level rise and more frequent hurricanes, Bunting said.

And Sarasota isn’t alone – coastal cities around Florida and the Southeast are also having to deal with the effects of climate change.  

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