Mar 28, 2016

Heat wave due to climate change, KE had nothing to do with it

Andhra Pradesh
The Nation
Hyderabad, India. Photo: AP
Hyderabad, India. Photo: AP

K-Electric has reiterated that the severe heat wave of 2015, which impacted people as well as most utility services across Karachi, had no links with the power outages, and was due to environmental disasters and the changing global climate.

[A KE spokesperson] said despite all the negative reports that emerged last year, the corresponding reports and statements by the MET Office, environmental and relief organisations had concluded the global climate change caused the rising temperature which hit 46 degree Celsius (on thermostat) and 66 degrees (as per Heat Index effect) in Karachi, resultantly killing hundreds of people. “Thus linking deaths to KE as a utility service provider is not correct. The latest investigation report by the regulator also talks about technical issues only,” he emphasised