Publication Date August 9, 2017

Heat wave "Lucifer" fans forest fires, forces early wine harvest


Much of Europe is sweltering through a brutal heat wave. Europeans are calling it "Lucifer" -- and it's living up to its name. Intense heat is fanning forest fires across France and Spain, CBS News correspondent Seth Doane reports.

Scientists warn summers will keep getting hotter.

Record high temperatures in Romania caused some people to collapse, and they're melting an Alpine glacier -- slowing summer skiing.

Zookeepers in Hungary tried to give polar bears some relief in the form of blocks of ice.

In Italy, where authorities in two dozen cities issued weather-risk warnings, the wine harvest started weeks early because grapes ripened so quickly. Italy's annual wine harvest is the biggest in the world.

"The high temperatures have created a drastic decline in production of about 10 to 15 percent," said Simone Frusca, a spokesman for Italy's agriculture lobby.