Oct 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew and Climate Change

Jacksonville, FL
Glenn Schwartz
NBC 10 Philadelphia

Some people who are yet to be convinced of a warming climate have another thing in common: After every natural disaster, they’ll either say: “There is no evidence that _______ was influenced by climate change," or many who describe themselves as “Luke warmers” often say: "It’s too early to tell if climate change had any impact on ______”. Well, at some point we have to acknowledge that it is NOT too soon to talk about this stuff. And it is not too soon to show concern how climate change may be already helping to make “natural” disasters more disastrous. Matthew is likely one of those examples, and we don’t have to wait months or years before research gives us more quantitative evidence. Those who say it’s “too soon” now are not likely to believe later studies anyway. So, why not talk about it while the storm is still fresh in our minds?