Jun 4, 2017

Major flooding engulfs Taiwan as storm unleashes over 1,000 mm of rain

Sanzhi District, New Taipei City
Taiwan 252
Kristina Pydynowski

Archiver's preface

Global warming increases the rate at which ocean water evaporates into the air. It also increases the amount of water vapor the air can hold when fully saturated. As the amount of water in the air increases, this causes more precipitation from all storms, which significantly amplifies extreme precipitation and flooding risk.[1]

Article excerpt

Two people are dead after moisture from former-Tropical Cyclone Mora led to quick-hitting torrential rainfall and major flooding in northern Taiwan on Friday.

Out of the 163 mm (6.42 inches) of rain that inundated Taipei on Friday, 120 mm (4.72 inches) fell in just two hours, according to data obtained by Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau.

Flooding quickly swamped the area and turned streets into rivers, including in Taipei. Flooded tracks disrupted rail traffic.

In the Taipei area on Friday, the majority of that rain occurred with a 12-hour period.

Northern parts of New Taipei City were hit the hardest on Friday with rain totals exceeding 300 mm (12 inches).