Publication Date July 19, 2018

A mega-heat wave is gaining strength over Texas and the south-central United States

United States
European model forecast highs for the July 19, the first day of a major heat wave. Credit: modified by CWG

An extreme heat wave is hitting Texas and surrounding states. Temperatures in much of that region have been near and past 100 for days, and they will rise there and beyond in the days ahead. Heading toward its peak, this is the most significant heat wave in Texas since 2011, and some record highs could even be in jeopardy before it finishes.


This is all thanks to a sprawling high-pressure system anchored over the western half of the country. Over coming days, this high pressure should shift east toward the Four Corners and the Southern Plains. This will allow already hot temperatures to turn more extreme.

Eric Berger of the Houston-area Space City Weather blog says that “it will be as bad or worse than expected.” In Texas, a state that’s used to crazy heat, this is never a good thing.