May 16, 2017

Onion Creek flood mitigation could cost up to $100 million

Onion Creek, Austin, TX
Melanie Torre
CBS Austin
Photo: CBS Austin
Photo: CBS Austin

Onion Creek homeowners are evaluating their options when it comes to fighting future floods. Potential solutions come with a price tag between $36 and $100 million and would be funded, at least in part, by taxpayers throughout the city with their drainage utility fees or a possible bond election.

According to the City of Austin, 139 homes in the Pinehurst and Wild Dunes neighborhoods fall in the 100-year flood plain along Onion Creek, but since 2013 those 100 year floods have come every two.

"I just bought my home and when it rains we're freaking out," says Bert Bell.

Bell's house is one that's seen flooding before and is likely to see it again. "There was 3 foot of water in our house," Bell explains.