Publication Date June 13, 2019

Phoenix ties record-high temperature as excessive heat warning continues in Southwest

United States
Arizona sunsets heating up with hot summer days. Photo: Joann Zimmerman

Monday and Tuesday saw highs of 109 and 108 degrees, respectively, in Phoenix.

A heat advisory, originally issued Monday, will continue through 8 p.m. Thursday, meaning temperatures could again exceed 110 degrees. According to the National Weather Service, Phoenix will experience “a high near 112” on Thursday.

Deemer said that to avoid the dangerous heat conditions, people should be prepared – including making sure they have somewhere to go should their air conditioning break down, making sure their pets are safe in the heat and having water in case a car gets a flat tire, to name a few precautions.

“The truth is, heat kills,” Deemer said.

He said this unusually high heat wave is caused by high pressure building over the Southwest that will continue “for most of the summer.”