Publication Date August 17, 2016

Soberanes firefighters still face steep challenges

United States

Some of the personnel and equipment involved in fighting the Soberanes Fire are being redeployed. According Cal Fire officials, at least 44 firefighters, 10 fire engines and some air resources are moving to Southern California to fight the Blue Cut Fire in San Bernardino County.

As crews make progress pushing the Soberanes Fire into the wilderness away from Big Sur, Cal Fire is making a change.

"As fires break out in Southern California, we have to remove people to send them to other fires," said public information officer, Brendan Hollie.

The fastest growing fire in California is the Blue Cut Fire. In a little more than a day, the fire exploded from 5 acres to 30,000 acres.


According Cal Fire, they do resource counts every 24 hours and concluded that they could send some firefighters and equipment away from the Central Coast without there being a threat