Jan 31, 2016

Storms that wreaked Christmas havoc across the US now supercharged, headed for the North Pole

Joel Hruska
Extreme Tech
Image: Climate Reanalyzer
Image: Climate Reanalyzer

[W]inter temperatures have only crept above freezing during the Arctic winter once, and never between December and early April (winter begins when the sun falls below the horizon in late September)...According to climate blogger Robert Scribbler, El Nino years typically reinforce the jet stream and would work to prevent this kind of storm from pushing warm water so deep into the North Atlantic, but that’s not the case this year. As always, the question of whether any single storm or event is “caused” by climate change is impossible to answer — but there’s no arguing that we’re seeing increasingly erratic winter weather. This week’s storm is just the latest example of how the old rules of what we considered “normal” increasingly do not apply