Publication Date September 14, 2016

Wildfire Closes Yellowstone National Park South Gate, Employees Evacuate

United States
The south gate of Yellowstone National Park was closed last Sunday due to wildfires. Authorities also ordered the evacuation of some employees for their safety. Pictured above is a the Clover Mist fire racing north across the Mirror Plateau during a firestorm in Yellowstone in 1988. Photo: Jim Peaco, Wikimedia Commons

A disaster hit the Yellowstone National park as wildfire forced authorities to close its south gate along with evacuating the employees for safety.

The Yellowstone National Park is a protected ecosystem under the care of the National Parks Services. A lot of animals including grizzly bears live in the protected area of the park that mimics their natural habitat. Various natural formations can also be found inside the park including river systems, a caldera and even natural camping grounds.

However, a recent wildfire incident caused a disruption of operations within the park, as the south gate was closed due the fires last Sunday, Sept. 11...

The 16,800-acre [Berry Fire] was attributed to strong winds and humidity last Sunday, according to a report. Rangers were sent to manage the fire and to protect parts of the park. NPS officials are confident that the conditions will improve next week as the temperature is expected to drop as well