Jan 4, 2018

Winter storm 2018: Almost the entire East Coast is covered in snow

Boston, MA
Brian Resnick

As the storm crawled up the East Coast, it experienced a rapid drop in pressure, and grew intense, quickly. The storm now resembles something like a hurricane: a cyclone spinning around a central eye.

And you can already see the snow accumulations from the storm from space. Almost the entire East Coast is either covered in snow or by the storm.

As the storm reaches New England, it’s expected to gust with strong 30 to 50 mph winds(and could reach as high as 70mph) , bringing dangerous, power line-snapping blizzard conditions and coastal flooding.

Boston could see a foot of snow, and officials are worried about power outages, which bring the threat of cutting heat for many residents.

New York may see half a foot of snow as well. Accumulations will decrease the farther south you travel. (There are some exceptions, like Virginia Beach, which saw blizzard conditions) Though Southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, are only expecting a few inches of snow and freezing rain, it can quickly create a dangerous situation on roadways.