Feb 9, 2017

Winter Storm Niko Hammers Northeast With Blizzard Conditions; Six States Under a Foot of Snow, but Niko is Winding Down for the Northeast

Allentown, PA
The Weather Channel

Archivist preface

As the world warms, the overall area of North America covered by snow is decreasing.[1] However, the relationship is more complex at the local level. Rising temperatures can cause some individual storms to produce more snow. That’s because for every 1°F rise in temperature, the atmosphere can hold 4 percent more water. This, in turn, means more water is available to fall as snow or rain.[1]

Article excerpt

Allentown, Pennsylvania picked up 7.1 inches of snow Thursday – a record snowfall total for Feb. 9 – breaking the previous record of 5.0 inches. Islip, New York picked up 13.7 inches of snow, breaking the record for most daily snowfall for Feb. 9. The previous record was 11.1 inches, set in 2013. Snowfall records were also set in Binghamton, New York and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Williamsport, PA broke a snowfall record that stood for more than 120 years.