Publication Date October 8, 2019

Worst drought in 60 years kills at least 106 000 farm animals in Chile

Photo: The Watchers

Approximately 106,000 farm animals have perished so far due to drought in Chile, reports confirmed on October 5, 2019. This year's dry spell is the country's worst in six decades, leaving crops destroyed and dead animals in the field.

According to the agriculture ministry, mostly goats, cattle, and sheep died due to a lack of water and fodder.


About 37,000 family farms need aid in central Chile according to the agriculture ministry. Petorca locals pointed out that the long-term issue is the mismanagement of water sources.

Some rivers have dried up in the area, but avocado and citrus plantations are thriving. "There is an excess of monoculture plantations that consume all the water," said Diego Soto of the Movement for the Defense of Access to Water, Land, and Environmental Protection (MODATIMA).

Soto said avocados need a lot of water to grow. However, avocado producers said the real problem is the lack of water storage both above and below the ground.