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The global climate system is complex, and organizations and individuals working on communicating about climate change have been hesitant to make linkages between individual natural events and larger climate trends.

Climate Signals cuts through that complexity by drawing a line from current events as reported by news, blogs, and other sources to a hierarchy of signals connected, at least in part, to the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric GHG concentrations.

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Climate Attribution

Climate Signals illustrates factors that link individual events to broader climate change trends, projections, or physical processes. It does not quantify the relative strength of these factors, with one important exception: in the event that scientists have done an attribution study.

Climate attribution looks at the influence of climate change on extreme events and is a leading frontier of today’s climate science. Continue reading for more information and additional resources.

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You may read the headlines and descriptions of climate impacts on Climate Signals, but sometimes visuals are best at explaining the unprecedented and often destructive rate of human-caused global warming, which we are already beginning to witness.

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Related Sites

The resources listed here include links to nonprofit, research and government institutions and provide a cross-section of information about global climate change impacts.

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