Publication Date August 24, 2012

High late August 2012 Greenland ice temperature maintains low ice sheet reflectivity and melting

Daily Greenland ice sheet reflectivity (a.k.a. albedo) values spanning nearly 13 years; 2000-2012. Image: NASA, Jason Box

Daily surface temperatures in June-August 2012 have peaked more than 5 C (~9 F) warmer for the whole ice sheet than the 2000-2009 daily averages according to my analysis of ice surface temperatures from daily NASA MODIS MOD11 satellite derived Land Surface Temperature (LST) retrievals. Over the highest elevations, surface temperatures were nearly 10 C (~18 F) warmer than in the 2000’s decade, leading to an area of ice sheet surface melting, unprecedented in the satellite observational record beginning in 1978