Jul 1, 2012

EEE 2011: Did Human Influence On Climate Make The 2011 Texas Drought More Probable?

David Rupp, Philip Mote, Neil Massey, Cameron Rye, Richard Jones, and Myles Allen
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Main findings:

The difference between the years in the 1960s and 2008 (a proxy for 2011) for extreme heat events was pronounced, with the return period of a particular extreme heat event being more than an order of magnitude shorter for 2008 than for any of the 3 years from the 1960s. As an example, 100-yr return period MAMJJA and JJA heat events under 1964 conditions had only 5- and 6-yr return periods, respectively, under 2008 conditions.

Full report:

EEE 2011 = Explaining Extreme Events of 2011 from a Climate Perspective