Science Sources: Fingerprints Everywhere

The study database presented here includes the 214 detection and attribution studies identified in the following report: Fingerprints Everywhere: Review and Analysis of Detection and Attribution Studies Finding the Fingerprint of Climate Change in US and Global Trends and Events. The report, available here, was published in September 2018.

To search or browse an updating database of detection and attribution studies, including studies published since September 2018, visit Science Sources: Detection and Attribution, or learn more about detection and attribution studies.

Title Source Date Author(s)
Quantifying statistical uncertainty in the attribution of human influence on severe weather Weather and Climate Extremes Paciorek, Stone, and Wehner
Quantile-based bias correction and uncertainty quantification of extreme event attribution statements Weather and Climate Extremes Jeon, Paciorek, and Wehner
A stratospheric pathway linking a colder Siberia to Barents-Kara Sea sea ice loss Science Advances Pengfei Zhang, Yutian Wu, Isla R. Simpson, Karen L. Smith, Xiangdong Zhang, Bithi De, Patrick Callaghan
Toward Regional-Scale Climate Change Detection AMS Journal of Climate Francis W. Zwiers and Xuebin Zhang
Hydroclimatic flood trends in the northeastern United States and linkages with large-scale atmospheric circulation patterns Hydrological Sciences Journal William H. Armstrong, Mathias J. Collins & Noah P. Snyder
Marine heatwaves under global warming Nature Thomas L. Frölicher, Erich M. Fischer, Nicolas Gruber
Multi-method attribution analysis of extreme precipitation in Boulder, Colorado Environmental Research Letters Jonathan M Eden, Klaus Wolter, Friederike E L Otto, Geert Jan van Oldenborgh
The twenty‐first century Colorado River hot drought and implications for the future Water Resources Research Bradley Udall, Jonathan Overpeck
Detection of spatially aggregated changes in temperature and precipitation extremes Geophysical Research Letters E. M. Fischer, R. Knutti
Temperature impacts on the water year 2014 drought in California Geophysical Research Letters Shraddhanand Shukla, Mohammad Safeeq, Amir AghaKouchak, Kaiyu Guan, Chris Funk
Change in the Odds of Warm Years and Seasons Due to Anthropogenic Influence on the Climate AMS Journal of Climate Nikolaos Christidis and Peter A. Stott
Changes in the geopotential height at 500 hPa under the influence of external climatic forcings Geophysical Research Letters Nikolaos Christidis, Peter A. Stott
Climate change and California drought in the 21st century Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Michael E. Mann, Peter H. Gleick
EEE 2016: CMIP5 Model-based Assessment of Anthropogenic Influence on Record Global Warmth during 2016 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society Thomas R. Knutson, Jonghun Kam, Fanrong Zeng and Andrew T. Wittenberg
A new statistical approach to climate change detection and attribution Climate Dynamics Aurélien Ribe, Francis W. Zwiers, Jean-Marc Azaïs, Philippe Naveau
Increased threat of tropical cyclones and coastal flooding to New York City during the anthropogenic era Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Andra J. Reed, Michael E. Mann, Kerry A. Emanuel, Ning Lin, Benjamin P. Horton, Andrew C. Kemp, and Jeffrey P. Donnelly
Widespread persistent changes to temperature extremes occurred earlier than predicted Scientific Reports Chao Li, Yuanyuan Fang, Ken Caldeira, Xuebin Zhang, Noah S. Diffenbaugh and Anna M. Michalak
Attribution analyses of temperature extremes using a set of 16 indices Weather and Climate Extremes Nikolaos Christidis and Peter A.Stott
Early 21st century anthropogenic changes in extremely hot days as simulated by the C20C+ detection and attribution multi-model ensemble Weather and Climate Extremes Michael Wehner, Dáithí Stone, Hideo Shiogama, Piotr Wolskic, Andrew Ciavarella, Nikolaos Christidis, Harinarayan Krishnana
Arctic warming hotspot in the northern Barents Sea linked to declining sea-ice import Nature Climate Change Sigrid Lind, Randi B. Ingvaldsen, Tore Furevik