Charts: Global glacier front variation observations from 1535 to 2013

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)

Global front variation observations from 1535 to 2013. (a) Qualitative summary of cumulative mean annual front variations. The colours range from dark blue for maximum extents (+2.5 km) to dark red for minumum extents (-1.6 km) relative to the extent in 1950 as a common reference (i.e. 0 km in white). (b) Qualitative summary of the ratio of advancing glaciers. The colours range from white for years with no reported advances to dark blue for years with a large ratio of advancing glaciers. Periods with very small data samples (n < 6) are masked in dark grey. The figure is based on all available front variation observations and reconstructions, excluding absolute annual front variations larger than 210 m a-1 to reduce effects of calving and surging glaciers.