Climate Signals: Tracking Climate Change and Extreme Weather



You are invited by Climate Nexus for a conversation about tracking climate change and its impact on extreme weather.


Our in-house experts will introduce you to Climate Signals, our new digital science platform that tracks and catalogues the impacts of climate change in real time using the best available science.

In addition, Dr. Heidi Cullen, Chief Scientist at Climate Central and one the principles in the international World Weather Attribution collaborative, will lead a discussion on the emerging practice of rapid model attribution.


Following the impact of climate change on extreme weather is complicated, so we hope this private discussion will help provide a basis for understanding the major climate change trends that influence extreme weather. In addition, we’ll offer some insight into the process of attribution science to obtain a clearer view of how climate change is linked to extreme weather in practice.

This will be a small, informal presentation, and lunch will be provided. It’ll also be an opportunity to get to know some climate change policy experts, advocates and scientists.


The event will take place on Tuesday, September 19th from noon until 2:00 p.m. at Climate Nexus, 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 901

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