Climate Visuals

by Climate Visuals

Every day, thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world.  But while research on the verbal and written communication of climate change has proliferated, our understanding of how people interpret visual images of climate change is limited to a much smaller number of academic studies, which do not provide much in the way of practical guidance for communicators. As a result, the iconography of climate change has remained relatively static.

Climate Visuals is an evidence-based resource for visual climate change communication. Based on research involving thousands of citizens in the UK, US and Germany during 2015, the website centres on seven key principles for visually communicating climate change. It contains a growing, interactive library of images to provide inspiration and guidance for journalists, campaigners, bloggers and anyone else using imagery to communicate about climate change.

All images are categorised to reflect the different aims communicators may have and captioned with an explanation of why they were chosen, with many available to download and use directly in blogs, articles and campaigns.