Photos: Before and After Images Reveal Houston's Disastrous Flooding From Harvey's Rainfall

The Weather Channel

Disastrous flooding has inundated portions of the Houston metro area after two feet of rain fell in just 24 hours.

These before and after images illustrate how high the floodwaters have risen, inundating homes, businesses and interstates.

Interstate 610 at Brays Bayou

(Before image: Google / After Image: Mark Sudduth/UStream) 

Interstate 45 North on the White Oak Drive Overpass

(Before Image: Google / After Image: Cristina Prints/Instagram) 

White Oak Bayou at Durham Street Bridge

(Before Image: Google / After: Terry Austin/Instagram) 

Interstate 610 Frontage Loop at West Park

Circled in red is the location of the webcam embedded in the image to give perspective on how high the water rose.

(Before Image: Google / After Image: Houston TranStar)

Memorial Parkway

Buffalo Bayou in Houston