Report: Copernicus surface air temperature for July 2019

by European Commission | Copernicus | ECMWF

The global temperature was substantially above average in July 2019, sufficient for the month to become by a narrow margin the warmest July in this data record. July 2019 was:

  • 0.56°C warmer than the average July from 1981-2010;
  • about 0.04°C warmer than July 2016, the previous warmest July in this data record.

July is typically the warmest month of the year in the global average. July 2016 was previously the warmest of any month on record in absolute terms. It has now been surpassed by July 2019, albeit by a margin that is small compared with the typical differences between datasets for previous Julys.  Further discussion and illustrations can be found here.

The largest anomalies in European-average temperatures occur in wintertime, when values can vary substantially from month to month. June 2019 was nevertheless substantially warmer than average, by more than 2.3ºC. In contrast, July 2019 had a European-average temperature less than 0.1ºC above the 1981-2010 norm.