May 1, 2017

Asian Monsoon Climate Change - Understanding and Prediction

Kyung-Ja Ha, June-Yi Lee, Bin Wang, Shang-Ping Xie, and Akio Kitoh
Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences
  • Summarizes the state of the science on Asian monsoons and climate change
  • States that the Asian monsoon is of enormous importance to landward moisture transportation in the global hydrological cycle
  • States that impacts of monsoon climate change on water and energy are expected to be severe in Asia
  • States that a number of research groups have attempted to seek a more fundamental understanding of climate change in the Asian monsoon regions through observational studies and modelling work
  • States that there was a significant interdecadal shift in mean and extreme of summer monsoon rainfall over Asia occurred around the mid-1990s suggesting that the change in regional sub-monsoon system should be understood in the context of the Asian monsoon change
  • States that the monsoon climate system involves complex natural atmosphere-ocean-land-ice interaction and is the most difficult to be predicted among various components of the Earth climate system
  • States that one of the big challenges facing the Asian monsoon research community is how to obtain more reliable predictions of future monsoon change given the fact the current models have deficiencies in reproducing and predicting the mean and variability of the Asian and sub-regional monsoon system
  • States that the science pertaining to the Asian monsoon has advanced tremendously in the last three decades with increased data from satellite observation and high-resolution reanalysis data