Jan 3, 2014

Atlantic Overturning in decline?

Jon Robson, Dan Hodson, Ed Hawkins, Rowan Sutton
  • States that continuous monitoring of the AMOC has only been possible since 2004
  • Finds that measurements from the RAPID-MOCHA array suggest a recent decline in the AMOC, but at less than a decade this record is still short
  • States the direct AMOC measurements from the RAPID-MOCHA array at 26 ◦N exhibit a decline of around –0.5±0.2 Sv yr−1 over the period 2004-12, i.e. a total decline in the AMOC at 26◦N of ∼ 4Sv
  • Presents evidence from other observations and a climate model which suggests that this recent measured decline is not merely a short term fluctuation but is part of a substantial reduction in the AMOC occurring on a decadal timescale