Jun 1, 2016

Baseline and projected future carbon storage and greenhouse-gas fluxes in ecosystems of Alaska

Zhiliang Zhu and A. David McGuire eds.
U.S. Geological Survey

 The main outcomes of this Alaska assessment include:

  1. Estimates of the amount of carbon stored in ecosystems (such as forests and wetlands)
  2. Estimates of the capacity of ecosystems to sequester carbon
  3. Estimates of the rate of GHG fluxes in and out of the ecosystems, and
  4. Evaluation of the effects of processes or driving forces that control ecosystem carbon balance and GHG fluxes

The assessment finds that climate change, ecosystem disturbances, wildfire, land use change, and land management represent the major driving forces, but their relative effects on an ecosystem’s potential for carbon sequestration vary regionally within Alaska.