I. I. Mokhov, M. G. Akperov, M. A. Prokofyeva, A. V. Timazhev, A. R. Lupo, and H. Le Treut

Doklady Earth Sciences

Published date May 8, 2013

Blockings in the Northern Hemisphere and Euro-Atlantic region: Estimates of changes from reanalyses data and model simulations

  • States anomalously hot weather in summer 2010 in European Russia was initiated by the long term (about two months) blocking of zoned circulation in the middle latitude troposphere in the Northern hemisphere
  • Analyzes the blocking activity in the NH atmosphere using reanalysis data and model simulations for the twentieth and twenty first centuries under different scenarios of anthropogenic impact
  • Finds a few more summer blockings, similar in total duration to those noted in summer 2010, can be expected in the twenty first century in the Euro Atlantic Region
  • Finds blocking behavior variability is marked by significant nonlinearity