Jul 1, 2015

Climate Change Impacts on Maize-yield Potential in the Southwestern United States

Seung Hee Kim, Jinwon Kim, Robert Walko, Boksoon Myoung, David Stack, Menas Kafatos
Procedia Environmental Sciences
  • States that agricultural productivity is strongly dependent on local climate conditions determined by meteorological parameters thus assessing the potential impact of the climate change and variability on regional agricultural systems has become crucial
  • Investigates the response of maize yield potential (Yp) on climate change scenario using Agricultural Production Systems sIMulator (APSIM) crop model over the Southwestern U.S. (SWUS) region
  • The results show that maximum and minimum temperature greatly contribute to the variation of maize yields over the SWUS on the interannual time scale, depending on geographical locations with varied local climates