Dann Mitchell, Kai Kornhuber, Chris Huntingford, Peter Uhe

The Lancet Planetary Health

Published date July 8, 2019

The day the 2003 European heatwave record was broken

  • States that on June 28, 2019, a temperature of 45·9°C was recorded at a weather station in France, exceeding the country's previous temperature record—set during the infamous 2003 heatwave—by almost 2°C
  • Asks whether such weather the new norm, and how bad could it get in the future
  • States that although the extreme temperatures associated with the 2019 heatwave are tending towards becoming the new normal in terms of summer climate, it is less clear how this change will translate into human health
  • States that unless we significantly reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, heatwaves will become more extreme in magnitude in the future, and human mortality will increase as a result, unless adequate heat-adaptation plans are put in place