Last updated October 10, 2018

A Dramatic Increase in Annual Average Temperatures for U.S. Cities This Decade

  • States that a daily, or even monthly, temperature record (whether hot or cold) is an impressive, headline-grabbing feat
  • States that even more significant is when a city or town sets a record for the average temperature across an entire year; this takes all four seasons into account
  • Applies the same methodology employed in his post last May concerning daily temperature records
  • Examines data for the same 60 sites in the contiguous U.S. (plus six in Alaska and Hawaii) to determine their warmest and coolest individual years on record
  • Compares the yearly temperatures averaged across three different periods of record (PORs): 1895-1980, 1981-2010, and 2011-2016
  • Finds that, for the locations in the contiguous U.S. examined in this study, the past six years (POR 2011-2016) have seen average annual temperatures that are 1.2°F above the current 30-year climatological average used by NOAA (1981-2010); this has also occurred in Alaska and Hawaii
  • Finds that 41 of the 60 contiguous U.S. sites have experienced their warmest year on record in just the past six years (2011-2016)