Feb 23, 2011

Drought Research in Canada: A Review

Elaine E. Wheaton, Aston C. Chipanshi, Charles Lin, David J. Sauchyn & Lei Wen
  • States that large-area, prolonged droughts are among Canada's costliest natural disasters having major impacts on a wide range of sectors including agriculture, forestry, industry, municipalities, recreation, health and society, and aquatic ecosystems
  • Reviews relevant scientific research and program activities on droughts in Canada with an emphasis on the Canadian Prairies
  • Examines nvestigations into past trends and variability of drought occurrence in the instrumental and paleo-records
  • Summarizes studies into the potential occurrence of future droughts 
  • Presents current monitoring and modelling techniques, prediction capabilities and adaptation strategies related to Canadian droughts
  • Concludes with the identification of major research gaps and program needs that will aid our ability to understand and predict Canadian droughts, monitor and model their status, and adapt to their negative effects